Ode to LD003

by Alan Alexander-Manifold

13 July 1990


Before I start my modest ode
   I'll say that LD3's the code
Provided by our friends at NOTIS
   To create the smart barcodes.
I fought that program long and mightily
   For several weeks, daily and nightily.
I think the program finally worked
   Although it still was somewhat quirked.
Oh, well, enough of explanations;
   I fear I've overtried your patienz.

The ode:

I hope that I shall never see
   A barcode that's as dumb as me...

NO, WAIT!  Let's try that again!

I hope that I shall never spy
   A barcode that's as smart as I;
I hope I never more will see
   A program dumb as LD3!