Learning NOTIS Staff Side

by Alan Alexander-Manifold


(to the tune of Do Re Me)

So you want to learn NOTIS staff side?
Don't you have something better to do?
Learn your procunit code, that's number one,
After that we move on to find, more, done.
	(find, more, done)
Find, more, done.
How could three commands be any more fun
Than find, more, done.
	(find, more, done)
Find, more, done, same, prev, next, back----

Come, I'll muddy it up a bit.  Listen.

	Find--a search, an index search,
	More--display another screen,
	Done--please store my update now,
	Same--reformat 'til it's clean,
	Prev--display the one before,
	Next--show me the next in line,
	Back--let's see this one again,
	That brings us back to find-ind-ind-ind!

(repeat ad nauseum)