I Was The One

by Alan Manifold

26 September 1997

(to the tune of the same name)

C          Am      Dm7          G7-9
I was the one who made my circ jobs
C       Am           Dm     G7
Work in version four-six.
    C            C7   F    Fm
And you know the way LB610 runs,
C    Am          D7   G7
Yes, I did that fix.
C          Am      Dm7         G7-9
I was the one who took all the bugs
C           Am      Dm7    G7
Out of that gross JCL.
C                C7        F        Fm
The way that it hums is a wonder itself;
C  Dm7     G7  C     C7
I fixed it so well.

     F             Fm
And then one day I had my system
C           G7+5   C
Running without a peep.
It ran, it flowed, it input, it output;
D7          D7-5      G7
And I could get some sleep.

C           Am      Dm7     G7-9
I'll never know who wrote 6.2,
     C           Am         Dm7    G7
But now that the install is done,
C               C7          F           Fm
Who'll have to tweak it and hack it and more?
C Dm7  G7  C  Ab7  G7
I am  the one.
          (C  F7   C)