Ma Bell In Disguise

by Alan Manifold

26 September 1997

(to the tune of Devil In Disguise)

     F          Bb F    Bb  F
You look like a vendor,
            Bb  F
Talk like a vendor,
    Bb          C  Bb       C  Bb  C7
You hype like a vendor, but I got wise--
(tacet)               F
You're Ma Bell in disguise!
            Db                  F       Dm
Oh, yes you are, Ma Bell in Disguise!

You acted like Endeavor,
Geac or Triple-I,
F                   Dm
Ex Libris, Sirsi or DRA,
    Bb           C7 F
But that was all a lie.


You have some library systems,
But that is just a scheme;
Behind it all is Ameritech.
You're not the way you seem.