by Alan Manifold

26 September 1997

(to the tune of Jailhouse Rock)

E F (tacet)
NOTIS wrote their system in the seventies,
E F (tacet)
Sent it out to folks in other libraries,
E F (tacet)
Whenever there was something that the system lacked,
E F (tacet)
They all would punch the code up and begin to hack.

               Bb7          F
	Let's code!  Let's code!
              C7         C7sus4     Bb7
	Ev'rybody with a NOTIS load
	     F             Bb7    F
	Was workin' on the NOTIS code!

Babs fixed the JCL for VSE,
Pretty Tim provided most of 6.3,
COBOL Asay added his non-NOTIS stuff,
But all of this and more was never quite enough.


Client Forty-seven said to Client Three:
That's the slickest SAS report I ever did see.
Would you like to see the stuff I wrote in C?
Come on and hack the NOTIS code with me.


A Tech1 told the list:  I'm gonna quit,
I fail with each Assembler program I submit.
But ev'rybody told him:  Don't you leave so fast,
If you can't write Assembler, you can still write SAS!


Phyllis said to Prettyman:  For heaven's sake,
Client/server's here, it's time to make our break.
Tim turned to Phyllis and he said:  Nix, nix;
I wanna stick around and install this fix.