NOTIS Version 5.0

by Alan Alexander-Manifold

7 June 1991

Part I:

The long-awaited version 5 of NOTIS now is here,
And OPAC users everywhere can raise a joyous cheer,
For 5.0, despite its faults, is really very nice,
And, unlike "Little GTO", it's prob'ly worth the price.
So to the friends of 5.0, I'll gladly add my voice;
I strongly urge you:  "Put it up!"--(as if you had a choice).

Part II:

I never asked to be a part of NOTIS' user base,
But version 5 has finally put a smile upon my face,
And when I think of all that's planned for subsequent releases,
I cannot hide my bubbling joy;  my happy smile increases;
I doubt not Jane and crew can reach that to which they aspire,
I only hope they get it done before we all retire!