NOTIS Survives

by Alan Manifold

8 October 1998

(to the tune of I Will Survive)

At first people said it was petrified
The rumour mill kept churning all about how it had died
But then so many NOTIS sites
Said a switch would take too long
And it grew strong
And so it's back, back from the brink
And all the new development is proof it's in the pink
I should have bought some NOTIS stock
I should have bought the company
If I'd known that it would demonstrate this much longevity

Chorus:	Keep it up, don't quit on us now
	Just keep it runnin'
	('cause) we still need it up and how
	Aren't we the ones who never plan to say goodbye
	It won't crumble
	It will never lay down and die
	So please don't cry.  NOTIS survives!
	I think it will stay on its feet as long as we're alive
	It's got lots of room to grow
	And though the change is pretty slow, NOTIS survives
	NOTIS survives.  Hey hey.

Every day I wonder if it will fall apart
Keep worrying if running LMS is very smart
After I spent so many nights
Just tryin' to get my tables right.  I used to swear
But if we lost it I'd despair
There's lots of systems that are new
But client/server holds no charm 'till LMS is through
So when those sales reps drop in
And don't give me their stuff for free
I say, "Talk to other folks and leave us NOTIS people be!"