by Alan Alexander-Manifold

15 October 1993

The newest edition of NOTISes
	Arrived in my mailbox today;
I hardly can wait 'till I read it--
	It always has so much to say.
Here's an article written on MDAS:
	It says that the product works great.
And here's one that's focussed on InfoShare:
	It basically says it's first-rate.
Oh, the next one's about the strange method
	One site uses for their GTO.
Another one talks about NUGM:
	It says that we all ought to go.
Here's some info on NOTIS Horizon:
	It says it's in test, but not where.
This one says they've restructured the office,
	But it doesn't say why I should care.
And what's this ridiculous poem
	By Alan Alex-a-ma-foo?
Doesn't it just make you wonder
	What they pay him for there at Purdue?
Let me turn to the list of solutions;
	I have enough problems, at least.
Oh, how nice:  it says everything mentioned
	Is fixed in some future release.
Well, I guess I can look at this later;
	I don't have time to read it all through.
But I promise I'll get to it shortly,
	With the ones from the last year or two!