NUGM 1990: A Summary in Verse

by Alan Alexander-Manifold

28 October 1990

Well, the user's group meeting is over,
  And I, for one, thought it was great;
I even expect to recover
  From the Palmer House lunches I ate.
Most sessions were quite well presented;
  The visual aids were good, too.
Problems were raised, anger vented,
  But praise was delivered where due.
The Circ. Group received recognition,
  But others deserved it no less;
The Interest Group on Acquisitions
  In my humble opinion is best.
MVS folks repeated their pleading
  One more year, but questioned the use;
And only strategic retreating
  Kept John Kolman's neck from the noose.
Version 5 and the holdings-linked MDAS
  Are the anchors of most future growth,
But the NOTIS staff sure had to talk fast
  To console those who want to use both!
But the absolute highlight of NUGM
  Was the gathering of TECH1's and such
Who take NOTIS programs and debug 'em,
  And never complain (or not much).
With the lovely Leigh Williams as hostess
  They joined the LIB1's in a toast
To Lone Star, Iron City, and NOTIS,
  At the First Annual Bum Steer Roast.
So, while NUGM for this year is finished,
  5.0 and the rest, I am sure,
Will maintain NOTIS' rep undiminished,
  And make our jobs doubly secure.