O Lana Porter

by Alan Manifold

26 September 1997

(to the tune of It's Now Or Never)

                Eb               F#dim Fm      Fm7
Chorus:	O Lana Porter!  You're on the brink.
       Bb7        Fm    Fm7  Bb7            Eb
	Keep ALS floating,     don't let it sink.
          Abm                Eb
	Tomorrow may be too late.
            F#dim  Bb7                 Eb
	O Lana      Porter!  Don't hesitate.

           Bb                    Eb+ Ab
Before you started, we longed for a saviour,
          Bb7                         Ebm Eb
As we sat watching each new chief's behaviour.
(tacet)    Eb                  Eb+ Ab
Time for reflection, for a new direction.
    Abm       Eb         F#dim Fm7  Bb7  Eb     Abm Eb
Now that it's you, can it be   true   at last?


Don't mess with NOTIS; don't mess up Horizon,
But old Dynix staffers, you should keep your eyes on.
Ameritech's wealthy; keep it strong and healthy.
Who knows how long it will belong to you.