Return to Vendor

by Alan Manifold

26 September 1997

(to the tune of Return to Sender)

C                       Am
I got a package from my vendor
Dm          G7
In my mail stack,
C               Am
About two weeks later
   Dm       G7      C
I sent that package back.

[I wrote upon it:]
	F         G7
	Return to vendor!
        F             G7
	Release won't load!
	F          G7
	Too few instructions!
	C                  C7
	Too much bad code!
	F           G7
	We tried to load it,
	F            G7
	You know the rest;
	Why can't these bugs
	Ever be caught in the beta test?

They threw a couple new things in
And called it x-point-one,
But when I tried to install it
The code was still not done!

[I wrote upon it:]
	Return to vendor!
	Release won't load!
	Too few instructions!
	Too much bad code!

C  C7
F                   F                                  C
This time I'm gonna take it myself, tie it to a heavy rock,
When it comes through the window one day
G7 (tacet)
They'll read with a shock

[The writing on it:]