Rocky Raccoon, TECH1

by Alan Manifold

19 September 1996

(to the tune of Rocky Raccoon)

Am7                            D7
Somewhere on the plains of Indiana
There lived a Tech1 named Rocky Raccoon;
G7                               C
One day a simple thing shattered all his peace
He put up the latest release
Rocky didn't like that,
He said, "I'm gonna make 'em pay."
So one day he came into town,
                              C             C/B
Booked himself a room at the Palmer House.

In Rocky's car, he stowed his guitar
To get his revenge through his satire,
His plan, it would seem, was to fulfill his dream
By seeing the V.P. get roasted.
Her name it was Ward, and like President Ford,
She got this job when her boss was ousted.
She and her crew had released 6-point-2,
And were planning to push it at NUGM;
Rocky worked hard on voice and guitar
To come up with songs that would bug 'em.
But Ward was too smart to wait for this part,
So Rocky had no one to lampoon.

Du du du du du du ...

But Harry came in, stinking of gin,
And proceeded to toss down a whiskey
He said, "Rocky you've lost your touch"
And Rocky said, "Ward was only a crutch
And I'll do better, I'll do better picking on Sybrowsky"
Now Rocky Raccoon, he found very soon
That his situation was not dire;
When one target dies, a new one will arise
For Rocky and all of his satire!

Du du du du du du ...