by Alan Manifold

26 September 1997

(to the tune of Surrender)

When we talk my plight is dire;
Fm                    Cm
Hanging up's my one desire.
Fm                       Cm
And I know each time he calls you
Fm6        G7             Cm
That it's your desire, too.

(tacet)                     Dm7
Please don't send me to Schapiro,
G7          C
Can't some other person help me
G7              G7+5  C          D#dim
While my sanity re  - mains?
C                        Dm7
All the sites confirm my feeling,
G7       E7                  Am
How one phone call leaves us reeling.
Fm                    Cm
I need help with circulation,
G7        Ab7      G7     Cm
But don't make me talk to Ben.

(tacet)              Dm7
Please don't sic Schapiro on me,
G7                   G7+5  C
His voice, his tone, his opinions.
Fm6        Cm
Not now or ever;
G7         Fm6  Cm      Ab7    G7  (tacet)
Please not to - night!
               (Cm      Fm     Cm)