A Proposal for Reorganization of NOTIS Technical SIGs

by Alan Alexander-Manifold

2 September 1993

Two Techie SIGs have been just right
	Since first they came to be;
One SIG attuned to MVS,
	And one to VSE.
But now the Tech1's job is changed
	From hacking JCL
To doing damned near everything,
	As far as I can tell.
I'm thinking that it might be time
	To try out something new,
Like having one or six Tech SIGs
	Instead of only two.
If we add on a UNIX SIG,
	And then a Windows one,
And one for Macs -- when all the SIGs
	Have met -- well, NUGM's done!
Or if we scrap the two we've got
	And start again from scratch,
With LMS, Horizon, Nets,
	And MDAS SIGs to catch,
And maybe one for those who use
	ProPAC or InfoShare,
Or DocDirect, or QuikReports--
	I don't see much hope there.

So I propose:  as of next year
	We form one Techie SIG
Which should be more adaptable
	(Although a trifle big).
To help preserve the usefulness
	Which marks our two SIGs now--
The frank and open interchange
	Of what we do and how--
The offerings at NUGM might
	Have sessions just for chat,
Which have their themes, but mostly let
	Those present chew the fat.
I think perhaps I've said enough
	To get my views across;
The heat of comment should suffice
	To show what's gold, what's dross.
I've asked the SIG chairs to include
	This item on the slate
For consultation with the SIGs;
	I welcome all debate.