What to Do?

by Alan Alexander-Manifold

22 January 1992

In days of yore,
When version 4
Had reached revision 5,
We at Purdue,
Bid PLUS adieu,
And took the NOTIS dive.

We brought up Cat,
And after that,
Our OPAC joined the pack;
And 4.6.1
Had long been done
Before we brought up Acq;

With Circ on hold,
We made so bold,
To beta-test 5.0;
We made that work,
Then finished Circ,
(We put off GTO).

5.1 was stalled
When MDAS called,
So we brought that up next.
Would greatly please,
But cutbacks leave that hexed.

So what's to do
When that is through?
PACLink and 5.1
Are both delayed,
And I'm afraid
They never will get done.

But have no fear,
With NOTIS here,
There's always work to do:
Reports in SAS,
An OPAC class,
Enhancements for 5.2,

A way around
Some bug we've found,
Or passing "features" by,
You never know,
I might stoop low:
Give GTO a try

In short, without
A single doubt,
Unless I see pigs fly,
I'm guaranteed
To fill a need
Until I quit or die!