Bein' Lloyd

by Alan Manifold

4 May 1998

(to the tune of Bein' Green)

It's not that easy bein' Lloyd:
Having to spend each day a corporate icon,
When I think it might be nicer bein' Verne or Cindy or Jane
Or someone more expendible like that.

It's not easy bein' Lloyd.
It seems you have to completely give up the company of frogs,
And people want to make you over
Into some two-dimensional computer graphic image
Or fried legs on a plate

But Lloyd gives the firm a breath of Spring,
And makes them seem almost human-like.
And Lloyd can inspire needed enhancements,
And spark essential added features,
And even catch bugs!

Since Lloyd is all that I can be
I won't be mad that I can't have a creek, and wreak havoc, wreak havoc.
I am Lloyd, and I can be proud;  I'm important!
And I think it's who I want to be.