He's Off to Hamilton College

by Alan Manifold

28 June 2000

(to the tune of Another Saturday Night)

Chorus:	He's off to Hamilton College, they ain't got Endeavor,
	Those silly fools are on VTLS,
	How he'll wish he had Jane Burke to talk to,
	He's in an awful mess.

Randy was a Voyager, he was on the Board from Syracuse.
Although it's somewhat shocking, opportunity came knocking,
With an offer he could not refuse.


Hamilton folks they told him, they had a system that worked so fine.
But it wasn't integrated; its release was much belated;
It was not a smart design.


It's hard for a fella, when he's used to Voyager's strange quirks,
He'll be sorrowful forever, 'till he comes back to Endeavor
For a system that really works!