The List It Is A-Closin'

by Alan Manifold

1 February 1999

(to the tune of The Times They Are A-Changin')

Come all you subscribers who don't belong here,
And admit that the sentiment seems very clear,
And accept it that soon you will all disappear.
If you have any questions you're holdin'
Then you'd best ask them now for the end it is near,
For the list it is a-closin'.

Come all those who write RFPs with your pen
And ask questions now, the chance won't come again.
You can't write too soon for the verdict is in,
And it looks like it's you that they've chosen:
You could sign on at nine and be booted by ten,
For the list it is a-closin'.

Come Manifold, Grotophorst, don't be a pest.
You're not helping with your impassioned protest.
Please tell all the folks that your ire was in jest;
The competitors all are eavesdroppin'.
Why won't you believe that it's all for the best?
For the list it is a-closin'.

Come Triple-I, DRA, Sirsi, et al,
Ex Libris, Ameritech--you most of all,
Exploiting our list took a whole lot of gall;
Your advantage is quickly erodin':
Our discussions will now be behind a brick wall,
For the list it is a-closin'.

The list it is closed, the unwashed had to go,
The family is safe from its every foe.
Will we ever return to the old status quo?
I doubt that the odds are improvin',
But that's something only the future will show,
For the list it is a-closin'.