President's Address -- VUGM 2002

by Alan Manifold

25 April 2002

   Once upon an April dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over SQL examples, wond'ring what they all were for.
   I saw, with sharp indignation, just how soon was the cessation
Of my term in this high station, President of the VUG Board!
Just a week or two remained as President of the VUG Board!
	Two weeks max, and nothing more.

   I can still remember clearly, three full years ago, or nearly,
Four new members were presented; I included in those four.
   I recall a lot of learning from the veterans concerning
How to deal with issues burning, long before they boiled o'er,
To address an issue early on before it boiled o'er.
	Eric, Hal, my thanks galore.

   Also on the Board then serving, with a loyalty unswerving,
There was Randy Ericson and Debbie Madsen and what's more,
   Merryll Penson, Robert Persing, and, with no hint of coercing,
In her mentorship immersing me, Melinda led the corps.
As a leader, friend and mentor, President Stowe led the corps.
	Dear Melinda, thanks galore!

   Now, the challenge of presiding o'er the Users Group and guiding
All its projects and deliberations landed at my door.
   But I never could have done it-single-handedly to run it-
I would never have begun it without helping hands and more.
There is too much work for one; it takes a lot of hands and more.
	All you helpers, thanks galore!

   This year's Board provided many hands and minds and really any
Resource that was e'er required for this mostly thankless chore.
   Janet Higgins, Debbie Morrow, Sam Kalb, and, much to our sorrow,
Two that we could only borrow for a partial year, no more.
Kathy Shearin, Marifran Bustion, are with us no more.
	From them, I could ask no more!

   For these gaps we found two willing volunteers their places filling:
Ellie Briscoe and Wil Frost the Board to full strength did restore.
   Finally, just one name remaining, for the users ever straining,
Hardly ever heard complaining, the VP that we adore-
My great thanks to you, Del Hamilton, the VP I adore.
	For the Board, let's give a roar!

   But the Board, for all its merit, wouldn't hesitate to share it
With our patrons at Endeavor, helping as they've done before.
   Jane, of course, and Verne (and Cindy), in the famous city windy,
Always backed us, even when distressing comments were in store.
We could count on them to listen to whatever was in store.
	Jane and Verne, my thanks galore!

   Keeley, Marjorie, Jim, Vadim, Shelley, Linda, Reeta, Nadeem,
Bob, Grace, Linda, Amy, Shelley, Sharon, Sara, Tom and more,
   Harry, John, Melissa, Kay, Scott, and Victoria; I may not
Name each name, but we always got what we gave to them and more.
Nor will I forget Tom Owens, who gave all he had and more.
	Thanks Endeavor, thanks galore!

   I would like to thank the group who gave up many hours to do
Major labor on our bylaws; for them your thanks I implore.
   And our other Task Force members worked as long as I remember,
January through December:  Acquisitions, Circ and more,
Good work, folks!  We offer you our thanks and wish we could do more.
	Your work is superior!

   Bon Voyage Grants were awarded by a Task Force whose assorted
Members earned a hearty vote of thanks that I cannot ignore.
   Our Enhancement groups are meeting at this conference; they'll be weeding
Through a thousand things we're needing, getting down to just a score,
Then comparing, arguing, assigning to each one a score.
	For your work, my thanks galore!

   Wouldn't you just like to hug 'em-those great folks who planned this VUGM?
Did you know that there are almost ninety sessions to explore?
   Del, Craig, Debbie, Deirdre, Sherrie, Bruce and Donna worked through hairy
Problems, and the ordinary things the group could not ignore.
Laura, Lydia, Joan, Kim and Caryn we cannot ignore.
	What a tough act to encore!

   And those ninety presentations, cov'ring countless innovations,
Each requires that someone must agree to be an orator.
   Not to mention just as many, who without making a penny,
Moderate and handle any problems on the session floor.
Also all of you who come and listen from the session floor.
	You are who we do it for.

   And I know that many staffers of Endeavor act as gaffers,
Gofers, techies, registrars and monitors and so much more.
   They deserve our commendation, how much more the combination
Of hard work and dedication of the chief executor:
Cathy A. Kolinski-you're the best, dear chief executor!
	You have no competitor!

   As my term is quickly waning and I have no time remaining,
Not to mention that I fear that most think I'm an awful bore,
   I'll end by saying it's mind-numbing what the Users Group's becoming;
What a mighty chord is thrumming through the crowded corridor!
Take a moment just to look around the crowded corridor.
	Voyagers forevermore!