by Alan Manifold

3 May 1999

(to the tune of Rock and Roll Music)

Chorus:	Hook me up with that
	You can set it up so swiftly,
	Make connections in a jiffy,
	Though the search results are iffy.
	It's gotta be Z-3-9-fifty,
	If you want to search with me,
	If you want to search with me.

I can't recommend a telnet link,
Those ASCII interfaces really stink,
But with this Z-protocol alone,
You can search our data like your own.
That's why I go for that
Z-3-9-fifty ...


I checked the vendors out at ALA,
And heard what everybody had to say,
I was proud of our Z-server, 'cuz
Interconnection was all the buzz.
And we can do it with
Z-3-9-fifty ...


I got tired of using version 2,
There was so much that it wouldn't do,
But even though we're running version 3,
Nobody's server will EXPLAIN to me.
But I'll keep using that
Z-3-9-fifty ...


Don't take us back to our telnet days,
Or when we did our searching using WAIS,
It makes no sense to print union lists
Now that the Z-protocol exists.
So give it up for that
Z-3-9-fifty ...